Citta Seating

About the Company

Citta Seating is a family owned and operated company founded with three guiding principles: quality, service and integrity; and although these terms have become a cliché lately, we work hard every day to uphold these values and revive the true meaning behind these words. Citta has consistently provided the industry with quality products, at affordable prices, while keeping our focus on excellent design and customer service.

Citta Seating, and its team, has a long standing reputation for serving the needs of the hospitality industry - hotels, casinos, public spaces, convention centers, restaurants, and senior living/assisted care facilities.

Our chair line is constantly updated to meet the ever-changing demands of our dynamic industry. Our design and manufacturing process has advanced through the years; our products are manufactured using state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that our customers receive the best possible products at highly competitive prices.

We look forward to proving what we can do for you.

About the Name

The name Citta Seating comes from the Italian word for city, Città, pronounced "chee-tah." And although we pronounce it "see-tah," because we sell seating products, we still strive to represent all the wonderful things that make our cities throughout the world so great: technology, strength, style, beauty, innovation, community, tradition and much more.